Nollywood’s Jeta & Mbong Amata’s Marriage Goes Down The Drain

This gist you’re about reading is sad though…really sad..but what can we do? I couldn’t help but tell.. :(
The five-year-old marriage of Nollywood filmmaker, Jeta Amata and actress, Mbong Amata is now history! Details after the break

The marriage went down last year, after attempts by the couple to save the marriage from hitting the rocks. The marriage crashed on Mbong’s insistence over her acting career. While Mbong wanted more out of her career, her ex restricted her to working only on his productions-a move that has seen her act in Black Gold and Inale.

Jeta and Mbong’s marriage collapsed few months after another Amata, Ruke’s marriage was nullified over infidelity in November 2012. While Mbong lives separately from Jeta in Los Angeles, the two are reported to be civil about their separation, thus, kept it under the carpet till few hours back. Jeta has confirmed the split saying if he hadn’t “caged” her, things may have been different now.

We wish both of them well. So sad!


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